• APPCONN™ is an innovative animal tracker and vital signs monitor, made of biocompatible nanomaterials and cutting-edge technologies that create a real-time diagnostic platform for the benefit of animals, owners, producers, veterinarians and governments


  • The first model developed was APPCONN Tracker™, which has been assisting the animal industry by creating an accurate and user-friendly tracking approach, and is desired among conservationists, parks, zoos, governments and animal producers


  • APPCONN Tracker™  is packed with an ultra-small and low-power module that allows data display on the user’s computer and mobile devices via 4G/3G/2G (depending on country and area). Its high-performance battery was specially developed to supply energy for 30 or more days, and which can be easily recharged by wireless (comfortable and easy). Internal nanocomponents also lead to size reduction, and our algorithms allow accurate and rational use of all functions with minimal software update


  • The most recent version is APPCONN Micro™, which innovates by containing sensors for vital signs that revolutionize the concept of precision Vet Medicine. It provides users with a true endogenous monitor for the assessment of animal location, heart rate, temperature and hydration levels


  • Finally, our group is currently working on an innovative multi-sensor system for fisheries and human reproduction. Watch that space